Almatı City with Its Products with Geographical Indication Potential



Geographical Indication, Name of Origin, Country Sign, Local Products, Almatı


Economic developments all over the world have had an impact on the tourism sector as well as other sectors. Tourism, which has a dynamic structure, has become an important industry in recent years by local governments, especially country governments, as it directly affects the economy of the region, region and country. In particular, destinations with local themes aim to become a center of attraction for tourists and grow in the field of tourism by highlighting these. One of the steps taken to achieve this is the geographical indication system. This research; It aims to reveal the products of Almaty, Kazakhstan, that have the potential to receive geographical indication. In this context, suggestions are presented for tourism stakeholders and local governments to determine the use of traditional products of Kazakhstan in tourism enterprises and to register the frequently used ones with geographical indications. In addition, by drawing attention to the importance of the geographical indication system for tourism, it is aimed to create this system and emphasize its importance for all Turkish states, especially Kazakhstan. For this purpose, the interview technique, which is frequently used in qualitative research methods, was used to collect data. In this context, the sample of the study consists of 25 participants who volunteered to participate in the research, among the managers and operators of tourism enterprises serving in the city of Almaty. Participants were interviewed face to face, their menus were examined, and literature and document research was conducted. It has been determined that 14 products from the local and traditional dishes included in the menus of the businesses have the potential to receive geographical indication. According to the research results; It has been suggested that similar research should be carried out throughout the country to increase the number of specified products, that all tourism stakeholders, especially local governments, should work in commissions to obtain geographical indications, and that these products should be included in the menus of tourism establishments, adhering to their original recipes.




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