Green Purchasing Behavior of Local People: The Case of Bishkek



Green Product, Green Purchasing Behavior, Sustainable Tourism, Bishkek


Green purchasing that aimed protect the natural resources and promote the sustainable travel experiences has an important role in tourism industry. Nowadays, with worldwide issues like resource depletion, air pollution, and climate change, raising awareness has become essential. This study aims to examine the green purchasing behavior of local people residing in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and to determine whether they differ in terms of demographic characteristics. As locals are among the key players in sustainable tourism, their environmental attitudes are significant, therefore this study is expected that contribute to the literature and promote environmental awareness. In this context, a survey was applied to 290 consumers residing in Bishkek city using convenience sampling method. According to the findings, green purchasing behavior was collected in 5 dimensions: environmental concern, perceived consumer effectiveness, perceived environmental knowledge and green purchasing intention. However, it has been revealed that there are statistically significant differences between some dimensions of green purchasing behavior and gender, age and education variables. As a result of the research, it was determined that the attitudes of local people in Bishkek towards green purchasing behavior were at medium and high levels and some suggestions were presented.




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Gündoğdu, ibrahim, Toraeva, A., Okul, T., & Oktay, K. (2024). Green Purchasing Behavior of Local People: The Case of Bishkek. Tourism Economics, Management and Policy Research, 4(1), 19–30. Retrieved from



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