Adventure Tourism Motivations



Adventure Tourism, Motivations, Push Factors, Pull Factor


From the literature review, it can be concluded that there is a growing demand for adventure tourism, with tourists visiting previously undiscovered destinations. Despite the rise in demand for adventure tourism around the world in recent years, little research has been done on the motivations of adventure travelers, particularly in developing countries such as Kyrgyzstan. A survey was conducted as part of this study to better understand the motivations of adventure travelers. The findings are based on surveys completed by 385 people who participated in adventure tourism activities in Kyrgyzstan. To better understand travelers' motivations, a push and pull factor method was applied in this study. The target population of the study was foreign tourists visiting the country. As the results show, novelty, experience change, fun and enjoyment, escapism, a new sensation, and relaxation and relieve from stress and tension were identified as important push factors. Interestingly, the attractiveness of the physical environment is the sole significant pull factor. These findings also showed that the environment is significant in attracting tourists to Kyrgyzstan. They also show that the other pull factors have an insignificant impact on tourists.




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