The Role of Science Centers In Tourism: A Research On Konya Science Center

Keywords: Science Center, Museum of Science, Revisit, Konya Science Center


Today, the demand for science centers that serve as part of education and aim to make science love to students and society is increasing rapidly as a result of the fact that human beings, who are seeking new searches in the changing and globalizing world, combine past and future together in order to adapt to change. As a natural consequence of this, investment and studies are focused on science centers in many countries of the world. Science centers are institutions and/or institutions where people gain experience by doing-living and making science fun and approachable. Science centers, which serve as a part of education and aim to make science love to students and society, are also part of these destinations when the destinations of tourists are considered as a whole. In this context, it is aimed to gain tourism to private museums or scientific centers where different concepts such as astronomy, archaeology, history, children and science are combined, which appeal to visitors of all ages. The research was carried out in order to examine visitor profiles of science centers that have gained importance in recent years and the impact of science centers on child-parent relations and to emphasize the attraction of science centers. In order to obtain the primary data, a semi-structured interview form was prepared and discussed with the children and parents from Konya Science Center. According to the data obtained, the Science Center trip with the family provides interaction with children, such as good times and positive results have emerged. In terms of the tourism potential of Konya Science Center, the participants expressed that if the Science Center continuously refreshes its activities and workshops, it would be a touristic attraction.