A Study on The Expectatıons of Tourism Businesses From Gastronomy Festivals After The Covid-19 Epidemic: The Case of Silivri District

Keywords: Tourism, Tourism Businesses, Festival, Gastronomy Festivals


Festivals, one of the activities carried out within the concept of today's tourism, are an indispensable part of the destination. Gastronomy festivals; are food and beverage themed events that stand out as a type of other festivals. In the majority of the studies, it was tried to reach an opinion about the festivals by taking the opinions of the guests or local people who participated in the festivals. In this study; After the Covid-19 epidemic, the expectations, motivation levels and contributions of the tourism enterprises operating in the region where the gastronomy festival was held were tried to be measured. Within the scope of the research, research data were obtained by applying the survey technique, which is one of the quantitative research methods, to the enterprises. The data obtained as a result of the research were evaluated using the statistical package program. While the analyzes were used to interpret the demographic information (frequence) and to interpret the other sections (Frequence and ANOVA), the total explained variance and Cronbach's Alpha value were used to determine whether the construct validity of the scales was at the desired level. As a result of the research; It was concluded that there may be deficiencies in the organization among the expectations from the festival (p<0.05), there are competitions among the expected events (p<0.05), and experience can be gained for the local people (p<0.01). In line with the research results; Suggestions such as assigning active duty and responsibility to tourism enterprises in the committees that organize and carry out the event, and conducting more effective promotional activities for the event have been developed

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