Roles of Professional Tourist Guides in the Transfer and Promotion of Cultural Values

Keywords: professional tourist guide, culture, cultural values, konya


Tourist guiding profession is a profession group that has continued from the Hittite period to the present day. Tourist guides are people who tell tourists about the natural, cultural, historical and artistic values ​​of the country or region and accompany them from the beginning of the tour to the end of the tour. Tourist guides play an important role in promoting the touristic values ​​of the country or region. Tourist guides, who are cultural ambassadors, have an important role in the transfer of cultural values. Tourist guides need to go through the education and training process in order to accurately and effectively reflect the image of the country. In this study, it has been tried to determine how important tourist guides are in the transfer of cultural values. In this direction, a questionnaire was applied to 250 tourist guides working actively. As a result of the research, the data were obtained by statistical methods. As a result of the research, it has been concluded that professional tourist guides who have completed their tourist guiding education are more effective in protecting and promoting cultural values ​​and providing cultural interaction.

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