The Effects of Performance Tools on the Performance of Hotel Employees: Case of North Cyprus

Keywords: Ingenuity, Job Motivation, Social Support, Job Performance


The study examined the effects of ingenuity, job motivation and social support on the job performance of employees. The research sample consisted of 200 participants from 4 five-star hotels in North Cyprus. The tools used for data collection are standardized scales in a questionnaire format for participants to answer. In the study, the main effect of creativity, work motivation and social support and their interaction effect on job performance were tested. Main effects found was between ingenuity and job performance (p=.000); and job motivation and job performance (p=.005) at .05 level of significance. It was concluded that more job motivation was required to gain higher performance, whereas low ingenuity level leads to higher performance. It was concluded that based on the majority of unskilled work in the hotel, ingenuity may be least required to gain high performance. However, employers should observe to know their employee motivators and inculcate them in their services.